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Take a sample of our French Oak home today with our beautiful French Oak coasters in all four of our specially developed French Oak hard wax oil finishes. 

We understand the importance of quality and we're happy to show you the incredible quality of our furniture before you buy your perfect piece of furniture. 

Simply order our French Oak Coasters for $25 (incl postage). We'll give you the cost back when you order your next piece of furniture.

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You'll Love Our Oak

Australia's most exquisite timber

Sustainable & Organic

Built To Last

Beautifully Timeless

Highly Customisable


buy now, redeem later

Our commitment to quality means we ensure every piece of our Oak is up to the standard our customers have come to know and love. We know you'll love our French Oak, but we don't expect you to take our word for it!

That's why you can now order a sample for only $25 including shipping and use the price you pay now, against the cost of your perfect Acorn Road piece of furniture later!


We import the finest quality

Our French Oak is one of Australia's finest imports. We have been working with the same mill in Burgundy, France for over a decade. This means that we can not only guarantee quality and consistency, we can also ensure that our product is responsibly sourced and sustainable.

Using traditional techniques that have been used for centuries, our French mill has made supplying this incredible Oak to the world their life's work. A family owned business for over 70 years, the passion for their product shows in the care and love which is taken with every single tree, every single log and every single board.

After being kiln and air dried in France for over 12 months, the timber is ready to be shipped direct from Europe to Australia. Our Australian mill is then responsible for creating the incredible table tops that you see in our Acorn Road furniture.



Our French Oak coasters are designed as a low-cost way for you to bring a sample of our French Oak home before you commit to buying your custom-built Acorn Road piece.

While you can (and absolutely should!) use these as coasters, the idea is to help you get a feel for what our French Oak looks and feels like so you can select the right option for you.

Includes: 4 Coasters, 1 in each Acorn Road specially developed hardwax oil finish (Naturelle, Blanc, Mineral and Onyx).