Hard Wax Oil is a blend of natural oils and waxes offering exceptional durability and resistance for timber table tops and furniture. It penetrates into the timber enhancing its grain and making it appear warmer and more natural than other coating systems.

It is a low maintenance, highly durable, water resistance finish that won’t peel flake or crack. Its durability and high stain resistance makes it ideal for furniture with high use or that is exposed to liquids that can normally stain a timber surface, liking dining tables and coffee tables. It is toy and child safe to EN71 (when dry), and is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Hard Wax Oil is easily maintained and rejuvenated when required. No future sanding is needed as it is a replenishable coating system designed to be easily spot repaired without leaving repair marks. The coating is quick drying meaning any future maintenance coats can be applied and the furniture can be used within a few hours. Ongoing maintenance will depend on the treatment so to extend the life of your coating it is important to remove spills and dirt from your table regularly. We recommend a damp cloth for cleaning.

As with any coating system, the regular removal of dirt and grit is the key to your furniture’s protection and longevity. It is recommended that adequate protection, such as placemats, are used to protect your table from scratches from cutlery, crockery or hot dishes. For care and maintenance of your hard wax oil timber surface we recommend using Acorn Road After Care products.

Under no circumstance use bleach, ammonia or caustic based cleaners. These products will strip or weaken the coating and could cause colour distortion and reduce the durability and stain resistance. For more information on Acorn Road after care products please visit our website.